Fireproof Turf Protection Flooring

The only company in the world that produces fireproof turf protection flooring

Why are you writing a title like this? Is it a sensation? Winning the eye? Deceive customers?


No, because in reality, only we can produce fireproof flooring.

Most of the company's products are HDPE, absolutely flammable materials, but many other companies in the world claim that their floors are fireproof, but we look at their products, marked with technical parameters: fire rating is UL94HB, some Consumers are easily deceived and believe that UL94HB is fireproof. Let me tell you that this is not true. UL94HB means that it will continue to burn, but it will be slower and will not go out. Our product has a fire rating of UL94 V-2, which means it burns when the floor is on fire, but soon it will naturally go out.

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We make this kind of fireproof floor, the only purpose is to ensure people's safety. Now whether it's indoors or outdoors, there are people everywhere. The edge of the stage is a light line. There are a lot of power lines under the floor. Table chairs are flammable items. These are potential risks. You can't wait until the fire breaks out. It's extremely irresponsible. You need to reduce the fire before the start of the event and use fire-fighting equipment.


China's largest manufacturer of turf protection flooring?


Yes, yes, we are far ahead in product development, and most of China's turf floor is developed and manufactured by us. Most of the concerts and events in the country used our grass protection boards. If you have doubts, please use Google to find the Chinese grass protection floor, the first is our company.

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