About Us

Who We Are

Foshan Lokang Plastic Products Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures high quality turf protection flooring, ice protection flooring, sports flooring and modular assembly grass. Our innovative products cover multiple markets – event floor coverings for large concerts and exhibitions, outdoor turf flooring for tent activities, temporary roads and tent floors for military camps, and sports flooring for a variety of indoor and outdoor sports ,Provides an ice protection system for the ice rink and ice hockey rink, and modular flooring for the football pitch.

Our History

Founded in 1999, yinghui Sports is one of the earliest companies in China to start working in the plastic flooring industry. The company is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of sports flooring. In 2010, the founder of yinghui Sports Company established Foshan Lokang Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Currently, the company is the leader of China's turf protection flooring, and its design and quality are also the top in China. Alibaba's best-selling turf protection floor is also developed by our company.


Our product philosophy 

Environmental protection: PP material flooring can replace wooden flooring and reduce deforestation.

Safety: Food-grade safety materials and new fire protection processes make your events safer.

Efficient: Modular design for easy installation and disassembly, greatly improving work efficiency.

Perfect: Always pursuing innovation and meeting new customer needs.

Our commitment

Yinghui provides a 10-year warranty on the turf protection floor and a 5-year warranty on the sports floor. We declare no pollution, no damage, no tools. No auxiliary materials are required during the installation and removal process.
All of our products are patented and have corresponding test certificates and reports.
We are committed to innovation, the only company in the world that can produce fireproof turf protection flooring. Developed the world's first environmentally friendly, easy-to-install ice protection floor. We will do our best to meet the needs of our customers, and innovation will never stop.