Turf Protection

Turf Protection Flooring For Event

Why do you need this turf protection flooring?

First, a brief introduction to the turf protection flooring. It is used to protect the grass at the event site, and of course the most important is to provide people with venues for events. After the event is completed, the grass can resume growth and people can experience entertainment in different places.

This modular floor allows the floor to be installed and removed, and the storage is very convenient and easy to transport. Maintenance is also very convenient, just need to use a high pressure water gun to clean.


why choose the turf protection flooring of my company?

After all, the appearance is similar, the price is almost the same, and the quality is likely to be similar. Let me tell you the answer, we pay great attention to the quality of products, and good quality is the guarantee for the long-term development of the company.

Our floors are fireproof and the only turf protection floor in the world that can be fire resistant. At the crowded event site, fireproof products always guarantee people's safety.


How to choose the turf protection flooring?

Your event lasts for 1-3 days and requires quick floor installation, quick disassembly and transportation. The T-02 can only withstand heavy objects that are lighter than a car. If your event meets the above characteristics, then T-02 is your best choice.

If your event characteristics match T-02, just increase the anti-slip performance of the floor, then T-01 will be your best choice.

Your event lasts for 1-10 days, and the floor needs to withstand the pressure of a truck or forklift, then T-03 is your best choice.

If your event lasts 10-30 days, the floor needs to withstand trucks or heavier equipment, and you need to lay power and signal lines on site, then T-04 is your best choice.


All of our floors are available in both fire and non-fire versions.