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Tent Flooring For Military

There are many tent floors, plastic, wood, composite materials on the market, and many of these products. It can be said that there is a lot of selectivity.

Where are our strengths?
Our T-04 is designed specifically for camp tents. Generally, the camp is either in the Gobi Desert or near the desert, or deep in the forest. The environment here is very harsh and the living conditions are very difficult.
Ordinary tent floors can meet the needs of the camp, but it is very inconvenient for carrying. The modular design allows the camp floor to be installed and disassembled very well, requiring only one soldier to carry it, and can be fixed without the need for complicated tools.
The T-04 has a cable slot design for power and signal lines. Even small power supplies and routers can be installed inside. This is very helpful for the camp command post.
T-04 can be fireproof, which can ensure the safety of personnel and equipment inside the tent to the utmost extent.

How to choose the Tent Flooring For Military

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