Futsal Pitch flooring

The product suspension type assembled by Yinghui is composed of high-strength high-quality polypropylene PP material, and also added anti-UV, anti-aging, anti-fading and other additives. Does not contain any heavy metals and volatiles, safe, non-toxic, odorless, waterproof, mildew, moisture-resistant, non-parasitic bacteria, truly green.

As a new generation of sports flooring, the ground floor material of the sports floor can be directly paved on the foundation surface of cement or asphalt without glue bonding. Each floor is connected by a unique locking system. Simple, you can also disassemble it at will. At the same time, the floor is versatile and the color is rich. There are 48 colors to choose from. The installation is quick and convenient, and it does not need to waste a lot of manpower, material resources, high quality and high efficiency.

Because of the professional mechanical design, the floor surface is flat and the hardness is suitable. The generation of friction no longer depends on the friction of the surface of the material, but subtly makes the player's soles sink a little and form a strong friction when the player is exercising in the field, so that the player does not fall easily when exercising, and the player rubs when he runs off the ground. It disappears in time, and it does not consume too much energy from the players. The surrounding surface of the moving surface of the floor is stable and reasonable. The system design effectively realizes the functions of shock absorption, energy return, lateral buffering, etc., prevents sports injuries such as sprains and bruises, and effectively protects the ankle, knee, tibia and spine. safety. In any angle, the coefficient of the floor is completely uniform, which greatly guarantees the balanced movement of the ball on the field, and the movement performance is good, which ensures the uniform direction of the ball movement, never shifts and appears irregularly, and fully protects. The sport safety of football players does not hurt the athletes and the normal stretch and athletes that do not affect the ball.

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