Tennis Court Flooring

Why choose a suspended floor?

Suspended flooring is one of the most competitive areas. Suspended flooring is mainly paved in basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, badminton and other sports venues, and China has always been a long-term in these areas. Coupled with the recent national sports boom, the suspended floor has become one of the hottest products for building tennis court.


Our advantage:

1.  Installation and movement, no maintenance, just rinse with water, normal use at -30 ° C -70 ° C temperature, high weather resistance, no climate restrictions, not afraid of sun and rain, cold and snow, high temperature Never warp and peel off deformation.There is no climate restriction, after rain, outdoor plastic tennis courts can be used immediately, increasing utilization time and improving site utilization rate.

2.Compared with the indoor sports field, the outdoor sports field environment is relatively harsh, and the service life of many floors is greatly shortened. The suspended floor has the characteristics of anti-UV, anti-oxidation, cold resistance and pressure resistance, and is suitable for various climate regions. The suspended floor has three basic functions of movement, protection and technology. It has the sporting performance of sports wood flooring, but it is easier to install than the sports wood floor and is very suitable for tennis courts.

Tennis Flooring 4

3. The floor has good sports performance, and the floor marking paint uses a special acrylic layer paint, which does not fall off and is beautiful. The wear-resistant layer design has good traction and lateral cushioning, so that the sole is tightly close to the ground, making it difficult for the player to fall when moving, achieving vertical shock absorption and energy return, and providing lateral cushioning function to prevent sprain, bruise and pull. Sports injuries such as injuries are more effective in protecting the health of the spine. At the same time, the surface of the floor is specially treated to match the brightness of the light. It does not reflect the eyes of tennis players. It has low heat reflection, no sweat absorption, no moisture, and no scent.

How to choose the basketball flooring?

When you need a professional tennis court, O-01 is your best choice. O-01 is a honeycomb design with a surface that has a rebound of 90%. The double-layered honeycomb design makes the entire floor more evenly stressed, and we have been using it for 6 years without any problems.

The surface design of the O-02 is very smooth. The protection for the athlete is the best in the outdoor sports floor, and its tennis ball rebound can reach 75%. Suitable for training camps or outdoor sports courts, not for professional competitions.

O-04's surface is smoother, suitable for children's sports venues, or kindergarten outdoor playground.