The concert cover is very important for the stadium. There will be many people at the concert, and there will be a lot of chairs on the spot. If there is no concert cover, the scene will be chaotic. After the concert, the grass will be trampled and the scene will leave a lot of rubbish. In addition, the fireproof concert cover can also ensure the safety of everyone. This is why you need it.

In order to realize diversified operations and increase the income of the gymnasium, in addition to holding daily sports events, the most important thing is to hold regular business events. The birth of the turf protection flooring can turn the stadium into a multi-purpose system.

When holding business events in the stadium, in addition to placing chairs and walkpath for the audience, some music equipment and stage equipment are very heavy. At this time, temporary storage floors capable of withstanding heavy objects are required. We have the turf  protection flooring  that can withstand more than 12 tons of pressure. When the event is completed, the grass can return to normal in 1-2 days.

When you hold an event, you need to place some walkways for people to walk. People don't walk around at will, they walk according to the walkways you set. At the same time, the walkways also make the whole site clean and beautiful, leaving a good impression on the audience.