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Concert Cover For Stadium

In a market where stadiums increasingly need to use their facilities to generate more revenue from non-sports events, event organizers need a real grassland protection system to achieve a quick transition from sporting events to non-sports events and return again.
Terraplas was the first company to develop a turf-protected floor. Then many companies around the world began to learn about Terraplas, producing and developing turf protection flooring suitable for local use.
Yinghui is the first company in China to develop and produce turf protection flooring. We have learned from foreign advanced products and developed 4 turf protection flooring suitable for the current stadium. They are: T-01, T-02, T -03 and T-04.
At present, our turf protection flooring have the highest usage rate in Chinese concert venues, and the market share in foreign markets is also increasing year by year.

Why choose our turf protection flooring as a concert cover?

After all, there are more than a dozen companies in the world producing this kind of product, and the price is cheaper than ours.
In reality, however, our business is expanding year by year.
1、Because we value the needs of our customers, new demands have led to the development of our new products. Our floor can be equipped with power and signal lines.
2、We pay attention to product quality, products that do not meet the requirements, will never be shipped to customers.
3、We focus on safety, develop fire-resistant flooring, and use our turf protection flooring on a crowded concert site to minimize fire risk.

Concert Cover 2

How to choose the turf protection flooring for concert?

Your concert lasts for 1-3 days and requires quick floor installation, quick disassembly and transportation. The T-02 can only withstand heavy objects that are lighter than a car. If your event meets the above characteristics, then T-02 is your best choice.

If your concert characteristics match T-02, just increase the anti-slip performance of the floor, then T-01 will be your best choice.

You need to set the stage or the site needs to withstand the pressure of the truck or forklift, so T-03 is your best choice.

Power and signal lines need to be installed at the concert site to install routers and power supplies. Or if there is a big truck on the scene, then T-04 is your best combination.