What is the biggest advantage of your product?

a) We pursue professionalism, our customers' needs will not be perfected into our products, and sometimes we will customize some requirements for our customers.

b)If the quality of the product is not good, we will not ship it to the customer, we would rather lose money.

c)The raw materials and transportation in China are very perfect, which means that our cost will be lower than that of European and American countries, and we will give customers a satisfactory price.

What are your prices?

The FOB price is temporarily stable. Due to different transportation distances and tariffs in different regions and markets, the price of your purchase will be different. We will send you an updated price list after your company contact us for further information.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

We don't have a minimum order limit, everything we do is to serve our customers. However, we want to remind customers that the more orders you have, the lower the average shipping cost.

What are the advantages of your turf protection flooring?

It can be fireproof, yes, yes, the biggest advantage is to avoid fire expansion. Our latest material fire rating can reach UL94 V-2, which means it can be extinguished by itself after a fire. Nowadays,  turf protection floors are used on a large scale in concerts, commercial activities, outdoor tents, which are crowded places. The use of fireproofing materials on the  turf protection can reduce the risk of fire and make the audience and guests feel safe everywhere.

Can your floor be used in the desert or in the Gobi Desert?

Yes, we have two products for use in the desert. T-03 and T-04. T-04 focuses on the ability to lay power lines and signal lines, can withstand 12 tons of pressure, height is 5 cm, long-term stationed in the desert, T-04 has obvious advantages. If it is only a short-term event, then T-03 is the best choice.

Which floor is recommended for military tents?

We recommend the use of T-04. As a military camp, the tent must have power and signal lines, and must also be fire-resistant office equipment. The T-04 can be routed or a small power supply and router can be installed inside. T-04 has a length and width of 1 m * 0.5 m, which is very suitable for one person to carry, and the installation and disassembly efficiency is very high. The T-04 can withstand a pressure of 12 tons, and in fact large transport vehicles can also drive on it. Rainwater can be drained from the holes, and sand cannot enter the surface, making it suitable for all weather conditions. T-04 can be made into a fireproof type, greatly reducing the risk of fire caused by the attack on the camp.

What are your recommended options for fast activities?

We have two floors that can be rolled and quickly laid, namely T-01 and T-02. It can be said that these two are very suitable for fast activities. It can complete the installation and disassembly of a football field within 24 hours of about 10 people. The difference between the two products is that the surface of the T-01 is a perforated keyboard that is more resistant to slip. The surface of the T-02 is a hole type, and the anti-slip effect is not so good, and it is suitable for use in good weather. Due to these differences, T-02 is easier to clean than T-01.