Ice Protection Floor -SIHP

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Item No.: SIHP-01
Size: 1200cmx600cm*20mm
Surface: Smooth PVC
Weight: 7200g/tile
Color available: Gray
Fire  Rating: UL94 V-2 or BS5287
Load Capacity: >=0.15MPA
UV Resistance: No fade and abrasion in 10 years
Connection system: Soft magnetic strip
Warranty: 10 Years

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Ice Protection Floor -SIHP Introduction

The core material of the SIHP ice rink protection floor is silica, which can prevent heat transfer caused by air convection, and is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The outer surface is made of highly versatile HDPE material that resists high pressure. Magnetic strips are used on the edges for optimum sealing performance.
At present, ice rinks around the world, skating rinks are a single business model, if no one comes to ice skating, or competition. Then the daily expenses of the ice rink are very large, because you can't power off. SIHP can be used to transform ice fields into concert venues, sports venues and other events. Maximize the use of the ice rink to increase the income of the operators.

Product Application

Can be used in ice rinks, ice hockey rinks, perfect for converting ice fields into concert venues, sports venues and other events.

Product advantages:
1. Insulation performance: The heat preservation effect is equivalent to 5 times of the conventional polystyrene floor, 4 times of the extruded floor, 2.8 times of the polyurethane, and 1 has a thermal conductivity lower than 0.008 W/(m·K).
2. Carrying performance: It can carry the normal sports release stadium performance and perfect performance of the ice basket, ice feather, ice row, ice show, ice show and other scenes.
3, environmental performance: SIHP all materials can be 100% recycled, green, production and application process, does not contain any OD materials.
4, flame retardant performance: UL94 V-2, will not burn
5, energy-saving performance: 12 hours after power failure can keep the ice surface, energy consumption savings of more than one-third.
6. Convenient performance: The unit quality is light and small, and the thickness is only one-third of the ordinary thermal insulation material. The unique spelling structure design is quick and convenient to install.

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