Outdoor Basketball Court Flooring With Weather Resistant PP Material

Short Description:

Item No.: O-02
Raw Material: Weather Resistant PP(Polypropylene) 
Color available: All 
Size: 10”x 10”x 1/2”(25cm x 25cm x 12.7mm) 
Weight: 250g/tile,4kg/sq.m 
Surface: Triangle grid 
Structure: Single layer 
Connection system: Six double layer lock in each side 
Friction Test (ASTM C1028) Dry: 0.65 
Load Bearing Capacity: 180 psi 
UV Resistance: No fade and abrasion in 10 years 
Fire  Rating: UL94HB 
Warranty: 10 Years

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Outdoor Basketball Court Flooring Introduction

It is made of polypropylene copolymer which is good at resistance collision. It has a strength structure. The floor’s surface layer is designed as a hexagon structure. The suspended design has 900 supporting structure to reduce vertical pressure. What’s more, the interlocking design can help to mitigating horizontal pressure.

Outdoor Basketball Court Flooring Application

Outdoor inline hockey court, futsal court, volleyball court, handball court and multi-purpose.

Product Feature

1. High level basketball performance; 2. Excellent rolling load capacity; 3. No damage from moisture or humidity; 4. New or retrofit over most floors in 24-36 hours; 5. Durable for multi-use activities; 6. Low annual maintenance costs; 7. Vertical and lateral shock absorption;  8. No adhesives or anchoring required; 9. Portable and permanent.

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