T-01/Rollable Turf Protection Floor For Event/Concerts/Tent

Short Description:

Item No.: T-01
Size: 30.48cm x 10.16cm x 1.8cm
Surface: Keyboard with hole
Weight: 110g/tile
Color available: Gray, Blue, any color you require
Fire Rating: UL94HB/ UL94 V-2 or BS5287
Load Capacity: 21,513 lbf/ft², or 105,035 kgf/m²
UV Resistance: No fade and abrasion in 10 years
Connection system: Each locks snap in to connect perimeter panels.
Warranty: 5 Years
Life Expectancy:20 Years

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Features of T-01

1. Protect the grass so that the natural grass can contact the air and moisture, and the events of 1-7 days will not cause damage to the grass.

2.The modular design allows the floors to be spliced together and rolled. Light weight, easy to install, disassemble and transport.

3.Its surface is keyboard and hole design, so it is better than the T-02 in anti-slip effect. It is very suitable for rainy days or places with water.

4.Can bear the weight of a car, suitable for people to walk on, place tables and chairs or bear light objects.

T-01 Application

Can be used as a small tent floor, walkway, or concert grass protection floor

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